Our Priests

BrahmaShri Murali Bhat

Brahmasri Muralidhar Bhat completed his vedic education at SadhVidya Sanjeevini Samskrutha Maha Patashala, Sringeri.
Sri Muralidhar completed Krishna Yajurveda Moolantha under his Guru Ganapadigal Sri Meenakshisundaram.
He has distinguishngly served Sri Sri Sringeri Mahasannidanam at Sringeri assisting in all poojas for several years.
He later served as a Manager incharge of the Sringeri Mutt in Raichur as well as at Sringeri Mutt in Hassan.
Recently he served as a priest at SVBFNorth at Farmington Hills, Michigan
Sri Muralidhar is well experienced and have performed several Kumbhabhishekams, Chandi Homa, MahaRudra Homa, satha Chandi Homa and various other special Homas and Poojas!
Phone: +1 (248)-982-0308 

Brahmashri Padmanabha Nadig

PadmanabhaNadig joined SVBF on May 12, 2013 (Akshara Treetya day) as a priest on his transfer from the New England Temple in Boston.
Nadig completed the Rig veda Samhita, Prayoga, YajurvedaPrayoga and Udaka Shanti from the Veda Vedanga Vedanta PathashallaSamhiti, Bangalore from the year 2004 to March 2006.   He became familiar with the poojas  and homa.
He joined as a priest in the Sri SathyavatiGanpathi temple, Bangalore in 2007. He was responsible for the pooja, alankarams and all other religious events conducted in the temple.  He stayed there till 2009.  He worked as a free lance priest for a couple of years. He then decided to move west and got an opportunity to work as a priest in the New England Temple, Boston in the year 2011.  He felt he did not get too many opportunities to utilize his knowledge  and thus looked forward to other temples in USA.  He contacted SVBF and was appointed a priest in 2013.
He can speak Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. He was married recently while he was planning to leave the Boston temple
Phone: – +1 (570) 460-4755